Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

     We have just returned from a wonderful weekend with Calvary Baptist Temple in Rig, WV. These folks have always been such a blessing to us through the years. At the close of the evening service, Charles Snyder, the senior pastor asked all of the congregation to come forward and form a semi-circle around us as they prayed for Lance, our grandson. The pastor shared his prayer/dream that when we return to Mexico, Lance will come running to greet us. We still tear up with his tremendous compassion and vision for a boy he does not know.
     Yesterday, as we traveled home, we were in a part of the state that has very limited reception, so we really did not know how the doctor’s appointment went with Lance. When we got closer to a larger city, we finally got reception and Cheyenne started to fill us in on the appointment. The doctor confirmed definitely that it is juvenile arthritis and that with good treatment, it should pass and that he has already gone through the worst part. He did much to encourage Lance so he would not become depressed. He also told them he was going to inject Lance’s knees and ankles with cortisone so he will overcome the sub-conscious thought that he could not walk (reality since about January). He immediately had Lance stand and take three steps without hesitation so his mind will see he can walk.
     I wrote Cheyenne about the special prayer at Rig and her answer took a few seconds. She sent an emoji of a person crying and said, “Yes, we definitely believe in miracles.” She then relayed that at that moment Lance hollered and said, “Mom. I just went to the bathroom by myself and I walked all the way there and back without sitting down and without help!” Thank you, Lord.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

     The tension has eased in Guadalajara and security has returned to near "normal."
     We hope you had as thoughtful Memorial Day as we did. We returned to Ironton, Ohio, my (Gary) birthplace for 150th Memorial Day Parade honoring all of those who have given their lives for this country. It was a very ethical, honorable way to remember those who have fallen. The normal year's parade is about one hour and a half. This one was three hours long. It remains the longest running, continuously held parade since 1868.
     We have the latest news about Lance, although it is both exciting and depressing. After several doctors, at the suggestion of other doctors, Cheyenne and Lance returned to his childhood pediatrician. He, the doctor, has recently been diagnosed with arthritis so he comes from months of personal experience. Through several physical and tactical tests, he agreed with others that Lance has arthritis in his hands, legs and hips. That is wonderful compared to some of the tentative diagnoses. One of the first doctors suggested he could have a fatal disease and be dead in two years. Imagine what that did to Cheyenne.
     The doctor agreed that he is suffering with juvenile arthritis and should be able to live well with treatment. They will start as soon as Thursday. There had been some unspoken thoughts that maybe there was trouble at school and he was faking illness to avoid trouble. One stop at the doctor's office and seeing him go through touch tests convinced all that it is not fake. A thirteen year old boy silently bawling his eyes out while being manipulated by the doctor is not normal. The doctor found several places of swelling and deformity that are proof of arthritis. He feels that with proper care and medication he can learn to live with it.
     Roberto, Lance's dad, is working to get him put on his Social Security, the government healthcare program in Mexico. That would mean expensive medications and frequent doctor trips would be paid for. Please continue to pray for Lance and for the success of the treatments. He will still have a long road ahead but it appears that all the doctors agree that it is arthritis, not a fatal disease. Cheyenne is finally eating and sleeping again as of last night. Thank you for praying.

May 2018

James 5:16
      Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

Dear Praying Friends,
            We are enjoying a wonderful time of reacquainting ourselves with our supporters and seeing how God has been blessing them. It encourages us as we see how they pass through many of the trials we face in Mexico.
We praise the Lord for the protection God gives for our family and friends. You may have read of the new violence that has sprung up in Mexico. It may or may not be directly related to the drug problem, but there are always indirect ties that cause these problems. A state prosecutor, who now is state labor secretary, was targeted in a gang style murder attempt. To cover their actions and to prohibit the police from responding quickly they also caused several vehicles to be high-jacked and burned. One of those vehicles included an eight month old baby and his parents. The baby died and the mother was in intensive care after they burned the vehicle as well as a city bus. One man who was the highway on a pedestrian bridge was also killed. Usually this brings out a major surge of police that then cause additional violence as criminal elements react against the police. It might pass quietly or it might ignite another round of violence. Please pray for protection for our family and dear brothers in Christ.
            Lance, Cheyenne’s oldest, continues in pain with little remedy. He has gone through many painful tests and exercises trying to discover the exact reason for his pain. To review, he was sick after Christmas with both a cold and then the flu. He appeared to recuperate completely but later regressed with severe pain in his legs and lower back. His skin became painful to touch and his muscles ached. He has seen several different doctors with several lines of recuperation mentioned. Until now, they have all failed. He has been diagnosed with Bacterial Myositis, a bacterial attack after a viral sickness. Yesterday they saw a pediatric neurologist. He ran Lance through several tests such as running his hand down Lance’s leg. Although he made no noise, tears ran down his cheek from the pain. The doctor had him walk fast, something he cannot do, and again the silent tears poured down his cheeks as he moved. The doctor wants to run several tests again before deciding what to do. Please pray for strength Lance and Cheyenne (you might imagine how Cheyenne is reacting at seeing her son in such pain).
            We are thankful that all of the tests for the more major diseases (Lupus, Parkinson’s, etc.) have all turned out negative. Please pray for the doctors as well as they decide the best way to treat this.
            The deaf church is doing well in Guadalajara as they manage the situation that each day brings. We pray that they will heed the wisdom that the Holy Spirit will give them daily as they rest on Him. God is always faithful – the problem is our obedience.
            Thank you for your faithful prayers and support that allows us to continue to reach the deaf for Him. Pray as we visit churches and share God’s blessings that we would be an encouragement and blessing to those to whom we minister. Our goal remains to win the deaf, teach them how to continue in the faith and show them how to train others as God commands us to do. Thank you for your love.     
For DEAF souls in Mexico,

Gary & Ann Layne

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

     We just received news last night that the burning of buses returned to Guadalajara yesterday to help an attempt on the life of the ex-director of the Justice department. Often shootouts and burning of buses or trucks accompany a period of crime. In one of the buses, several people were trapped and burned severely, eventually taking the life of an eight month old baby. There were several injured in the shootout and eleven were burned. Please pray for peace in Guadalajara.
     Lance has an appointment with a specialist in juvenile neurology. They will not change doctors but this is rather a second opinion, hoping that his efficiency in pediatrics will discover the root cause. They were to go the the appointment IF the violence has subsided.
     Thank you for your patience with us in our prayer letter. Lord willing, we will get it published this week.
Gary & Ann

Thursday, April 19, 2018

April 19, 2018

     We have certainly been enjoying fellowship with our churches and opportunities to preach the Word of God. We have seen and heard many comments about the Lord's blessings and we how faithful as He has been.
      The most urgent news is about Lance. He has several days of good health followed by several days of being down again. They have diagnosed him with bacterial myositis. He had a cold followed immediately by the flu in the new year. He became debilitated by that, but being a boy of 12 years of age, he soon returned to regular activities. He returned to school and appeared fine. The school called and said that he had a fever and was hurting. Cheyenne went to school and returned home with him. It became difficult for him to walk. After several days, a therapist who lived next door called him in and massaged his back and legs. Lance began to walk and even jog, thinking that the worst was over. A few days later he return to an inability to walk (or nearly so). Many blood tests and several treatments later, he was diagnosed as having been attacked by the above condition after having one or more viruses. The treatment will be several weeks, months or longer in recuperating his strength. He is on a strict diet with various conditions to try to bring his body back to being nearly normal. The most difficult is sustained rest. It still could be a difficult recuperation, but we are trusting God that He will give the strength needed to complete this journey.
      The deaf church continues functioning as the Lord desires. They are desirous of continuing in their understanding of the Word of God. They continue to reach out to their community and we are praying that they will see many others eventually come to the knowledge and understanding of God's salvation. 
       We, both Ann and I, continue in good health as we travel. Occasionally we are reminded of our age either by many miles or by a doctor's comment. The doctors are working with Ann to see if they can get the very best treatment for her essential tremor. When she is well rested and not sick, she does well. When she is stressed or worn down by exhaustion, she will battle more with her tremors. Pray that together they will find the best long-term treatment for her condition.
      Casey, Ann's mother, has just returned from her trip to Mexico. She tries to go during the Easter/Spring Break, since it is the only time of the year when all our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren would all be available. The had a good time visiting while studying the spiritual principles related to the life of a butterfly.
Casey and Lance
           Thank you praying for us. God bless you today.
Gary & Ann

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

February, 2018
2 Thessalonians 1:3
      We are bound to thank God always for you, brethren, as it is meet, because that your faith groweth exceedingly, and the charity of every one of you all toward each other aboundeth;

Dear Praying Friends,
     We agree with Paul and we do thank God for our brethren, both here and in Mexico, as we see God working in the lives of those we are near to us. One of the greatest blessings is to see the deaf grasping the beauty and necessity of getting closer to God and thereby showing more love one to another. Many of our folk are young marrieds or singles and have not had many years of teaching apart from the preaching. They are beginning to turn to the Word of God for the wisdom offered there.
     We welcome a New Year and new opportunities to serve the Lord. God has been blessing our services as we visit with our supporting churches and share with them His blessings. We have enjoyed sharing with many of our hearing friends a better understanding of the needs of deaf around the world. Many have shared that they learned things they had never thought of concerning the deaf.
     We are also thrilled that we will soon be teaching our deaf group via Internet, even while on furlough. Our problem had been that no one there had Internet services in their home. One of our most interested deaf couples just had the Internet installed in their home so that we could make this possible. Many have connection through their phones, but it would be very difficult to study a Bible course (in sign language) through a phone screen. As soon as all the right programs and connections are completed, we will return to our teaching schedule, even though we are a little more than two thousand miles apart. The advances of today’s technology are amazing!
     Many of our folk in Mexico are experiencing the same sicknesses we have here. There is a lot of flu as well as other infections that are affecting them. Some years we have a very mild winter in Mexico and others are a lot more difficult. This year has apparently been about like what we have experienced here: colder than normal at times immediately followed by warmer than normal periods. The main difference would be that the average house in Mexico has no heat source. Remember the “good ole days” when your mother warmed bricks over the fire and wrapped them in a towel to keep your feet warm at night? The great swing in temperature is affecting them physically as well.
     Please pray for the needs of the deaf ministry in Mexico. Many different problems and of course the violence has altered the effectiveness of all of our ministries. At one time there were nearly ten of us reaching the deaf around the country. For many varying reasons we are now down to three couples seeking to reach the entire country (deaf) with the Good News. What has happened is that many of the works that were started are devoid of the leadership necessary to keep the ministry alive, and so they wither and die. At least some will be drawn into cults. The second major factor is the violence. In researching the materials for our audio/visual presentation, we checked to see when the exact peak of the violence was. To our horror, we found that the month of October, 2017, was the worst ever. The small fishing village that we often have visited has become a major battlefield over through routes for the trafficking. Pray for peace.
     We thank you again for your faithfulness in prayer and love and sacrificial giving. We pray that God will multiply your efforts and bless your faithfulness. Your prayers are what keep us safe as we minister.      
For DEAF souls in Mexico,
Gary & Ann Layne