Wednesday, April 21, 2021


April, 2021


Psalm 27:13  I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.


Dear Praying Friends,

     In the midst of so much confusion and turmoil it is such a blessing to see the goodness of the Lord to me! We are still in yellow, but the cases continue. We were on all-stop red just before Easter. Suddenly, a day before spring vacation the color changed to green, so everyone ran for the beach. There are those who believe it was political because now we are back in yellow. It seems as though this world cannot figure this out.

     COVID claimed another precious soul this past week in the death of a fellow missionary here. It seems like we go for a period of time and hear nothing and then we hear of several close to us. We are taking every precaution and are keeping in touch with the deaf through video chats. Most of our deaf have gone back to work or have been permanently laid off.  Our church has only recently been given the go ahead with services. We have a new deaf person who promised to come this Sunday.

     Being closed so long has definitely been negative for our church. The deaf are scattered and are less likely to see each other during the week. Masks cause problems with the deaf due to lip reading and/or facial expressions. When all have masks and no facial signaling can be seen, the deaf do better with video conferencing. However, that takes time because not everyone is available when the other person needs them.

     Our schools are still 100% video conference for all ages. It seems to be more difficult for those younger ones to stay focused, especially when the teacher goes around the class to get a response from each student. We wonder with the rest of the world how this will affect the younger ones in the long run.

     We continue in the work of the Lord and try to obey the requests of the government. It makes it very hard to carry out the programing for the church.

     We thank the Lord for His protection and for the good health He has provided. Gary continues to do well with his exercise and diet. Thank you for praying.  

     Thank you for praying for us and the deaf during these days. Prayerfully, things will get better soon. We know He is still on the throne and although we do not see the reasons, we KNOW He is fully aware of what is going on. Thank you for caring and supporting us financially and prayerfully. We do pray for you as we are sure you have been through much of the very same things.

     May God greatly bless you and keep you safe.

For DEAF souls in Mexico,                          

Gary & Ann Layne


Tuesday, March 23, 2021

March 23 2021

 Dear Praying Friends,

     Praise the Lord the church is open again, even if still limited by the government. Each time the services are started again, we start at a reduced attendance and with limited time. For the past year the church has had about five services. That is not very good for trying to build a congregation. The limits are no children under 18 or adults over 59 and the services are mandated to be very short in time. Those who are in the age group have been faithful to attend, but the on again, off again has taken a toll.

     The deaf who have been sick are better and as far as we know, just the one family has been certified to have had COVID.  They are well and we pray soon that the epidemic will begin to slack off. We are still under a mask mandate and are just below the red level. There are still quite a few folks who think this is a big game. Our city is enormous and so even a relatively large number is still not a big percentage. We pray daily for a quick relief. The state has received some vaccines, but not nearly enough to even cover the most essential workers, not even thinking about the average citizen. 

     To our surprise, several of the deaf have been called back to work. When they were dismissed, everyone thought that would be the end of their job, and were told so. Now, little by little a few places are beginning to open and so workers are needed. It has been hard on our folks just as much as anyone else. Some have gone back to street peddling just because there are no jobs. Whether this has been controlled by the devil or not, it has been a devastating time for all involved. We are no where near being back to normal.

     We praise the Lord that we have been able to send out encouragement and even counseling by way of social media (private of course). Gary tries to keep teaching and/or preaching in front of them, especially lessons which can be applied directly in these times. Our outreach has suffered but we pray that with better health will come better response.

     Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers. It seems impossible, but we are keeping busier now trying to get lessons than before the pandemic. It takes more time to prepare a video than to prepare for teaching face to face. Then we go through a process to make sure that it is correct before sending it out. However, we have not been happier any time before in our ministry. During the week we will be contacted multiple times by the deaf asking, "I have a cough or runny nose. Does that I have COVID?" or other question about health, taking medications, asking for someone to call the doctor for them, etc. There is joy in serving Jesus!

     We also pray for you. We have heard of many who got sick and have prayed for your recovery. We are so thankful for the good results we have heard and the faithfulness of our Lord. We add to that the good health He gives us and the protection He has afforded against the odds. We shall continue to pray for you as we see the door to health slowly opening. 

     Thank you for including us in your ministry, your support and your prayers. "Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God." Hebrews 12:2.

For DEAF souls in Mexico,

Gary and Ann Layne

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

January 27, 2021



Psalm 146

1 Praise ye the Lord. Praise the Lord, O my soul.

While I live will I praise the Lord: I will sing praises unto my God while I have any being.


Dear Praying Friends,


     For more than 70 years God has taken care of Gary and protected him even when he was not aware of it. We have additional good news to share. If you follow the blog, you know that the doctor took him off of insulin on Christmas eve. He is now on Invokana with the target in sight of getting off ALL medications. He has lost 35 pounds and has no desire to stop now. All of his health issues are good. On Saturday he had his first blood checkup after stopping all insulin. Everything was normal except his HA1C which was 5.33 (wonderful). The doctor had thought it might be about 8 since he had been so high. Praise ye the Lord! Now we are talking about getting down in weight enough to stop all medication.


     All of our state was in red during Christmas – New Years until January 10. Everything was closed except the absolute necessary elements. On January 16 they closed everything again with the hope that they can slow down/halt the spread of the virus. That means our churches are closed as well as the majority of the businesses. Most of our deaf are not working and have not been working. This presents the problem with paying rent, electricity, etc. They are beginning to really feel the effects of this pandemic since there are no programs to give them help.


     We asked for prayer for Pedro and Alicia. Their son told us they are better, but that his mom is sicker than his dad. Please continue to pray for this family. Pedro has been with us since 1985.


     As with most of the world we are locked inside our homes except for doctor’s appointments and getting food. The restaurants are closed as are most businesses. Whether this was the Devil’s plan or not, it certainly is taking an effect on out churches. Some are meeting clandestinely with smaller groups. Many are not able to do so. The city is almost deserted. It reminds us of this great city back in our early days when you could still cross the street safely. Pray for outreach as we are continuing to put out videos to help our deaf stay in tune with the Lord.  We rather doubt that many of our lost friends are making a point to watch the Bible studies. Even our little village here on the outskirts are saying they are losing 1 person a day.


     We are praying for you all as you are experiencing at least some of the same things as we. God is still on the throne and we know He has a special plan in spite of all that is happening. Keep your eyes on Him and hold each other up before the Lord.


For DEAF souls in Mexico,                          

Gary & Ann Layne


Thursday, January 7, 2021

New Year blessings and requests

      I have wonderful news that I received Christmas Eve. I am totally off of insulin.My doctor here has been lowering my doses daily until he finally said, "Don't inject anything." Wonderful. I have not minded the injections, as man y times I did not feel anything. I am so thankful that insulin was available when I needed it. My body has obviously started producing enough insulin again to handle my daily needs. My diet has changed little as we already had a good diet. I am just a little more conscious of what foods have hidden within them.

     Our request is primarily to pray for Pedro and his wife. They both have Covid, but at least they appear to be lighter cases. All of the state is completely shut down except the very most necessary and then only during daytime hours through January 10th. At that time they will see how progress is going before making any other announcements. Since March we have been more in the red zone than any other color. It gets better and then a holiday comes along and the cases soar.

     We have likewise been praying for many of you. We know several pastors and many members who have been affected by this disease. Praise the Lord for those He has lifted out of the grasp of Covid. 

     As I mentioned, all activity is closed until at least Sunday. We are trying to keep the deaf  encouraged by means of video, both personal and group. It is obviously affecting our church. They met for three weeks before closing again but without children and seniors. It has made it very difficult just to keep them going. I am sure many unsaved will use this as an excuse to shy away from the Lord. 

     Thank you for praying and keeping us protected through your prayers. We are looking forward to this new year and the prospects of life returning to "normal." Keep your eyes on Him!

Gary and Ann Layne

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Blessings from Guadalajara

                                                    November 18, 2020 

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.

Dear Praying Friends,

     The worst is over and I am on my way to a changed, but good life. The doctor checked me after the hospital stay was thrilled at the results. The kidney damage is gone, my eyes have been thoroughly checked by an ophthalmologist who could see NO damage from diabetes, and my liver and pancreas are completely clear. The doctors now agree that it was a quick, recent crash because there is no permanent damage that would normally happen with an extended period of attack. Only God could have protected me through such a serious increase without any visible damage being done.

     I could never explain the encouragement and blessings I received during this trial. My family was concerned this would be a terrible shock to me. They often joke I go to the doctor only when someone threatens to call an ambulance. However, I have always tried to make the doctors aware of our family history concerning diabetes. When the doctor called and said "more than 600," I knew it was time to act. 

     At present I am on insulin injected twice a day, but decreasing nearly daily by small increments. I feel really well and are increasing activities each day. I still have a few bounces in rates by an increase or decrease in exercise, but am learning to foresee the the results in time to balance them out. The head of the department at the hospital foresees a day when I can at least go to pills as opposed to injections and the possibility eventually of no added insulin. I have lost 30 pounds and six inches from around my waist. It appears that my body is producing much of the insulin needed.

     God's people are always incredible.  YOU have been such a blessing that I could never express what a blessing you have been. The hospital bills was reduced and we were able to pay off the bill because of you. We have paid all of the bills because of your love and help. We are still amazed at how wonderful God has been through His people.

     Please continue to pray for our ministry and the great people we call our church family. While we were in Texas recuperating, the state here declared code red, and everything was closed again. It all opened once again but it reminds us that we are still in a hot spot. God is good for as far as we know, none of the deaf have been down with Covid 19. Many of our friends have gone through rough times in the States and of course we lost Ann’s brother to it. We are not able yet to reopen the church. We are staying in contact through social media. One of the greatest blessings for the deaf was the arrival of cell phones. It used to be that they (or we) had to travel across town to deliver a message or share fellowship. Now it is just a text message away. If not for that, we would be unable to check on any of them. We even had a good chat with Horacio and Lupe from Monterrey.

     Thank you for sharing from your hearts and your wallets. Without your help, I have no idea how we could have overcome the financial burden. May God richly bless you as you labor for Him

Gary and Ann Layne