July, 2022  2 Corinthians 5:20 Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God. Dear Praying Friends,        For a good while, we have known that both Ann and I had cataracts. Ann got to the place where her ophthalmologist was no longer able to bring her vision into the parameters needed and suggested that she get her cataracts removes as soon as possible. We found a wonderful doctor here that uses laser-assisted cataract surgery. While chatting, he mentioned that mine were not as serious as Ann’s, but was causing greater problems (serious double vision). After detailed explanation and sharing with family members, both Ann and I had cataract surgery on July 7 th . We feel like we traded a late 1960’s TV for a new LED model. We both will require reading glasses, but have excellent distance vision. We can see details that we were not aware we were not seeing. I have developed an allergy (p

Memorial Day 2022

      Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have a loved one who sacrificed all for their country. We could not exist except for those who have given all to protect our freedoms. Although we have not lose close family members, we have several friends who have given all to keep us safe and free. May God bless each family with His grace today.      We had a wonderful day yesterday at church. We totaled 14 in attendance. That is certainly not a record, but it is better than the five or six previously. Some have taken extra work or things Ike the wife is also working in order to sustain the family. However, many have just gotten out of the habit of coming. 

May Newsletter

May 23, 2022 Philippians 1:3 I thank my God upon every remembrance of you . Dear Pastor,      It has come to our attention that some of you have not been receiving our prayer letters. We sincerely apologize for this problem. Since we are still on the field, we are not aware of problems unless someone happens to mention it or notifies us of the problem. Thank you very much for those of you who have let us know of this problem. We are working to correct any errors or failure in our delivery to you.      If someone in the church would be willing to check a couple of bits of information, it would help us tremendously. We use the address for our mail to you as it is written on the receipt you receive from BIMI. If you are not receiving anything from them or it comes with errors, please let us (and them) know. We realize that at different times the person responsible for the mission information changes. You can always correct the address on the return slip to the mission.


       Just a quick note to let everyone know we are thinking of you at Easter. We praise God for the beauty of this season that reminds us what He has done for us. May God bless you as we celebrate salvation together.      We will be traveling to Talladega, Alabama for our Field Conference for BIMI. It was cancelled several times as the pandemic swelled and countries closed. We will be joining missionaries from all over Mexico and Latin America. Pray that His Word will affect us just as we wish it to affect the ones we teach.      God bless you. Pray for a safe trip. Gary and Ann

Finally Open

 March, 2022 Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Dear Praying Friends,      The government has decided to call all of the country green again. That means businesses can open and things will begin to return to normal with one exception - masks are still mandated in all public venues. There is still a fair number of cases here but we have learned that we do not always have a true picture of any situation.      We are so thankful that we have sidestepped this pandemic as a family. It has hit several families in the village where we live, including some who were friends. We have tried to be super careful and to pass on all the information to the deaf.      The church is open, but it has been difficult to get them to return to regular services. It has been two years since we last had a regular schedule of services, so they have become very lax about returning on a regular basis. We fear they may be lax also in their study and faithfulness to the Word of God. Please whisper a prayer tha

New Year update

 Dear Friends,      I hope to post a couple of updates in the next day or so, Lord willing. With this blog I can send more information than in a single letter.      We praise the Lord that with the new year, we have been able to resume church services. The deaf seem excited to restart the program again, but they have learned to be lazy these last two years concerning their attendance. We are praying that we will be able to keep the doors open without restrictions even though Omicron wants to hit about everyone. A few have sent notes suggesting everyone should be in the services (that can) and then they do not come themselves!       I am still sending videos out regularly to keep all the deaf interested in the Bible. For almost the full two years we have been closed. The government would open everything at 105, THEN 20, then 50. About that time, everything would close again. It would be several weeks and the process would duplicate itself.      I have been asked to explain what I do wit

November Update

 VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE      As a result of our very recent move, we have needed to change our mailing address. Please note that our new address is NOT a post office address. Instead, it is rented through UPS. Please note the address carefully:          Gary Layne          2211 W Lincoln St #164          Harlingen, TX  78552      For many years now we do NOT have a mailing address in Mexico. We apologize for the change, but is necessary as the old address is to be cancelled.       Please pray for the families of two of Gary's relatives as they morn the loss of a loved one. Brenda was a cousin and Charles was his uncle.       We have completed the removal of our possessions in Texas and are again here ready to serve the Lord in the deaf ministry. Please pray for this ministry as we continue to face many difficulties over the results of the pandemic.      Praise the Lord for good health for both of us. Gary is off of all diabetic treatment and Ann is recuperating very well from her s